More than 20 years of personalized and professional Spanish language instruction for people who enjoy Hispanic culture and like to learn Spanish in Manhattan.
Spanish Classes in Manhattan for a camaleon.
What Students Are Saying...
Education & Experience: Native Spanish Speaker, Master's Degree in Spanish, and New York State Permanent Teaching Certification in Spanish. "...I got more from his teachings than from any other foreign language class I have taken..."

"... I came to Adrián as a virtual beginner, and left being able to communicate freely in Spanish..."

"...He uses a good balance of grammar and vocabulary with interactive conversation and role play in real life situations. It's fun as well as learning. Adrian is very patient..."

"... I can sincerely say that he was the most organized, energetic, and motivating professor..."

"...Adrián is a terrific teacher. He's animated, focused, well organized, and very dynamic. He also has a terrific sense of humor and is very professional and thorough in his approach. Lessons are both intense and fun..."

"...I have studied previously at (another school), and I can honestly say that Adrián's lessons were far superior..."

... I always feel as if he is giving 100% towards making sure that I learn the language correctly, while at the same time enjoying it. As a result I can now speak, write and understand Spanish..."

"... It is important to find a professor like Adrián, who can give you the proper attention with a good level of enthusiasm. In no time, you will be speaking comfortably..."

" of the best educational experiences of my life..."

"..Taking your classes has been so rewarding and one of the most important things in my life and I appreciate all your help, encouragement and your laughter during our classes..."

"...I learned a great deal, had a great time and felt empowered by his instruction..."

"...I would highly recommend going to Adrian as he successfully creates an environment where any type of student can feel comfortable to make mistakes and ultimately become better Spanish speakers..."

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Experience, Education & Achievements
Education & Experience: Native Spanish Speaker, Master's Degree in Spanish, and New York State Permanent Teaching Certification in Spanish. Spanish Professor, New York University, The Mount Sinai Hospital New York, N.Y.
Teacher of Spanish language to doctors and N.Y.U. medical students.

Spanish Teacher, Republic National Bank, New York, N.Y.
Teacher of Spanish language for business executives and lawyers.

New York State Permanent Teaching Certification, Spanish...

Master of Science in Education
Queens College, Flushing, N.Y.

Language Teacher Training
The Rassias Method at Fordham University, New York, N.Y.

Fulbright Scholarship award winner...

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